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Hello there!

I grew up in North Metro Atlanta and moved to Columbus, GA in 2005 right after I married my husband. 

Fast forward and we have a 6 year old Son & 3 year old Daughter (who keep me on my toes no doubt!)  I stay home and juggle raising the kids, keeping my house decent & my love for Photography! I've been behind a camera for approximately 20 years. My love for photography truly began when I saved up $1000.00 for my first "real" camera: a Minolta 35mm SLR film. (Now, its at best my children's toy)

I throughly enjoy being behind the camera, documenting moments in a way that captures your family as they are today but also creating images that will inspire nostalgia years down the road. I aim to capture candid connections between family members as well as those unique expression of your children that you'll gush over years from now!

I currently work with 2 Canon 5D Mark III DSLR camera bodies & a handful of luxury Canon lenses. I believe in a high standard of customer service which I can thank to 20 years "out there" in the workforce. I work hard & commit 100% to providing you with beautiful & professional moments and I have priced myself to reflect this!

Feel free to reach out to me & inquire about your future photo session with me!

Yours Truly,


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