Personal Work

If you've been following me long enough, you've probably heard that I have these gorgeous & heavy 11 x 14 photo albums for each calendar year of my kids. They weigh anywhere from 5 - 7 pounds each, take days for me to create & due to their costs, are considered an investment to us. I remind my children that my work of them is my legacy. I consider this documentary work, many little moments frozen forever in a photograph just for them. They already make a big impact now. When someone pulls one off the shelf, every one seems to eventually gravitate toward the album, finding a comfy spot close by and we all begin to reminisce through the pages. I can usually remember every detail from the captured moment from what happened that particular day or why one of them made a certain expression. They just glow hearing the stories! It is definitely a way of expressing my love for & to them and what's amazing about it is, they totally receive it as love! Parker & Gwen are truly my life's work as a Mom & Photographer.  

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